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Environmental Remediation

Environmental Remediation

Environmental Remediation

Environmental Remediation

Claybar Contracting has extensive experience in managing environmental remediation programs, under the direction of consultants or directly, for a wide range of clients.

An Experienced Approach

Claybar introduced and pioneered the use of Slide Rail Shoring for site remediation, as well developed specialized applications to increase productivity and reduce the risk inherent in this type of activity. We also work with the supplier’s engineer(s) to modify the system eliminating the need for third party agreements at property lines.

Claybar owns five water treatment systems complete with Certificates of Approval from the MOECC for discharge to surface or a water course. These systems allow us to treat vast amounts of water at less costs than traditional methods of removal treatment.

Environmental Remediation Services

The following are examples of environmental remediation services provided:

  • Tank and piping removals
  • Contaminated soil removal and disposal programs
  • Liquid waste removal and disposal coordination
  • On site treatment of water using mobile treatment systems with C of A’s
  • Site restoration; engineered backfill, grading and resurfacing in preparation for site redevelopment, sale, or continued operation.