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Shell EV Charging Stations

IVY EV Charging Stations

Claybar has been working with Shell on their EV Charging Station installations since 2021, completing 5-10 sites per year.

Phase 1 for each site “typically” takes 10 days to complete. Scope of work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Work Zone setup
  • Sawcut and trench for conduit (Electrical/CCTV) installations
  • Excavate for charger foundations
  • Tie rebar, prep and pour concrete foundations
  • Complete eletrical rough ins and inspection
  • Backfill, prep and pour concrete pads
  • Backfill trenches and prep for asphalt
  • Pave trenches, install EV equipment, cleanup site

Phase 2 of the work commences once Transformers are received from Hydro One. A return to site is required to install transformers, complete electrical hookups and commission the EV equipment. Typically 2-3 days.

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