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Halo Car Wash – Stratford

Halo Car Wash – Stratford

Claybar started this project on May 21, 2018. This was a complete demolition and removal of the existing building and foundations, removal of existing underground services, asphalt, curbing and sidewalks. The new build included the following:

  • Construction of a 4,600 sq ft extended Tunnel Car Wash
  • Complete underground water reclaim system, including three (3) 5,800 USG precast underground water reclaim tanks with two (2) 3,300 USG oil grit separators, and two (2) 5,384 USG recycled water tanks
  • Sixteen (16) state-of-the-art exterior vacuum stations
  • 1.8m high privacy fencing and 3.0m high acoustic fencing w/ garbage enclosure

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