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IVY EV Charging Stations

IVY EV Charging Stations

Claybar’s Facility Management & Maintenance divison has been working with BGIS on IVY EV Charging Station installations since 2020. Some of these locations are Northern Ontario (rural) and some are Hwy 400 series stations (On-Route’s).

Scope of work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Work Zone setup
  • Sawcut and trench for conduit (Electrical/CCTV) installations
  • Excavate for charger foundations
  • Tie rebar, prep and pour concrete foundations
  • Complete electrical rough ins and inspection
  • Backfill, prep and pour concrete pads
  • Backfill trenches and prep for asphalt
  • Pave trenches, install EV equipment, cleanup site

Some of the Northern locations include: Sudbury, Gravenhurst, Temiskaming Shores, Timmins, Hearst, Terrance Bay, Thunder Bay.

Site commissioning is done by BGIS.

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