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ONroute Service Centres

IVY EV Charging Stations

Claybar worked with EllisDon on this Government Design/Build program. The program was to build 20 new service centres across the 400 series highways. Claybar completed the new fueling facilities. It was a 3-year program that included existing site removals/demolitions, excavation and rebuild as per new design. The program commenced in 2010 and was complete in 2013. The fuel is branded Canadian Tire Gas.

Job Specifics:

  • Owner supplied Petroleum equipment (tanks, dispensers, piping)
  • Owner supplied and installed the Canopy & C-Store Building
  • Claybar installed all equipment (tanks dispensers, underground piping, sumps)
  • Claybar excavated, backfilled and compacted for underground tanks
  • Claybar formed and poured tank pad, apron and islands
  • Claybar performed all Electrical for the Canopy and Petroleum
  • Performed/assisted with all petroleum commissioning

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