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Petroleum Contracting

Petroleum Contracting

Environmental Remediation

Petroleum Contracting

For over 50 years, Claybar Contracting designs, builds, services, updates and decommissions Petroleum Infrastructure.

Our extensive experience and longevity have allowed us to offer our customers a wider range of Petroleum Contracting Services, as well expand our service area throughout Ontario and beyond. Our in-house team can assist with supplying high level budgets or prepare a full design/build proposal including; drawings, site renderings and full tendered budget proposals.

Your Partner in Petroleum

Business Sectors Served

  • Corporate Fuel Stations
  • Native Reserves
  • Hospitals
  • Marine Fuel
  • Airports
  • Municipalities

Petroleum Contracting Services

Claybar offers a wide range of Petroleum Contracting services, including:

  • Design Build Services for New Builds, Renovations & Site Upgrades
  • Decomissioning of Old Fueling Systems
  • Installation & Removals of Above & Underground Tanks including associated Undergound Piping.
  • Fuel Dispenser Upgrades & Replacements
  • Site Branding Updates
  • Petroleum Site Surveying
  • Card Lock System Installation
  • Bulk Plants Construction
  • High level Budgeting of Petroleum Servcies & Equipment
  • Fuel Canopy Design, Installation, Upgrades & Removals
  • Fuel Station Construction
  • Car Wash Installation, Upgrades & Decomissioning

Petroleum Contracting Projects

Claybar Contracting has helped develop many petroleum projects across Ontario. See some of the projects we’ve worked on below, and then contact us to see what we can do for you.

Let’s get started

What’s your next Petroleum project? The Claybar team has the experience to design and build complex petroleum infrastructure on time and budget. Let us become your petroleum contractor of choice.