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St. Joe’s Hospital – Hamilton

St. Joe’s Hospital – Hamilton


  • Strip and remove asphalt, curbing and sidewalk.
  • Excavate for the installation of 2 x 60,000L and 1 x 40,000L underground fuel tanks.
  • Backfill and compact to top of tanks.
  • Supply and install all piping, sumps, spill containers and overfills.
  • Excavate and install transition sump at building, core drill holes, and backfill.
  • Supply and install 3” vent lines from tanks and 2” flexible OPW for return lines.
  • Form and pour tank pad, new curbing and repair asphalt.


  • Chip floor, drill dowels into floor and epoxy paint.
  • Build masonry wall complete w/ double doors.
  • Form and pour housekeeping pad.
  • Supply and install pump from Viking, grout and set.
  • Paint all piping, supply pipe labels.

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