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Stinson Fuels Bulk Plant – Pembroke

Stinson Fuels Bulk Plant – Pembroke

The Stinson Fuels Bulk Plant project includes the following:

  • Stripping, excavation & blasting in preparation of new tank installs
  • Supply and install 7 x 100,000L underground storage tanks
  • Backfill with approximately 8,000mt of Granular A/B
  • All underground petroleum piping, electrical conduits and vent lines
  • Supply and installation of 1x1200mm Manhole, 1x1200mm CBMH, 1x600mm CB including all Storm piping, PVC gaskets, frames and grates
  • Supply and install 1x P380 Double Wall Oil Water Separator (ZCL Composites)
  • Supply and install 1x 8’x24’ “Steel Mark VII” Kiosk
  • Form and pour 10,200sq ft of concrete pads, 12” thick
  • New yard lighting and chain link fencing

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